About this blog and Dan Whittaker

About Dan Whittaker:

  • Won the HSBC Link2Learn International School of the Year Award 2012/13 while international leader at Jervoise School.
  • Delivered CPD to an international audience in schools across Europe.
  • Won funding for European Union Comenius / Erasmus+ projects.
  • Learnt from other schools in 3 projects over 6 years in countries such as Finland, Spain and Italy.
  • Made computing / technology leader in many British schools.
  • Awarded a number of quality marks for eTwinning projects.

Why this blog?

With seemingly every education system seeking to maximize their performance on the PISA tests, it’s more important than ever that we move beyond statistical comparisons for the sake of statistical comparisons. That is why this blog is so important: to learn and use the best ideas for schools across the world while keeping their social, economic and philosophical contexts at the heart of understanding their success.

Too often, policy makers see success as recipes to be borrowed and quickly implemented without consideration of context or understanding necessary prerequisites. However, a recipe to make the best cake ever may work in your oven and with your weighing scales, but not necessarily in my oven with my weighing scales. Likewise, to simply lift ideas and place them out of context leaves them at risk of being misread and potentially mismanaged which could be damaging to learning, pupils or even the idea itself.

Thus, I believe the time is right for a blog that seeks to explore the best aspects of education from around the world while preserving their integral social, cultural and economic contexts. Indeed, by keeping a sense of location at the heart of globalized education, the effect of these ideas on the pupils they reach are amplified.

So please comment on what is blogged and share your thoughts so the ideas can be brought even closer to you.


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