The buried potential of educational ideas and the reason for this blog.

leaning-tower-of-pisaThere are many great ideas in education that get buried. There are those that don’t get tried because people don’t know how to put them into action and there are those that get tried but are lost in translation because the how and why have been lost.

PISA and TIMSS/PIRA tests are becoming core of success in many national education systems and school structures and even curricula are changing to better promote a nation’s educational success whether or not it delivers lifelong success for their pupils (see this article by Donald Clark on the Leaning Tower of PISA). As a result, politics dictate a worldwide search for great ideas that are directly transferable in their own locations with as minimal a transaction cost as possible (financially and organizationally). However that often means that cultural and socioeconomic context gets ignored.

That’s the purpose of this blog. It’s my opinion that for an idea to be great, it needs to be powered by both research and context. It needs to be delivered by those teachers on the ground who are deeply entrenched and enlightened by the daily matchmaking between political, social and cultural expectations and the needs of their own pupils. So this blog will seek to find the best educational ideas from across Europe and the world and explore the context at the centre of their success rather than at the periphery that is arguably more common.

Through the eTwinning website and from contacts gathered over many years of travelling to schools across Europe through the EU funded Comenius and Erasmus+ visits, I intend to compile successful ideas from simple classroom based tweaks to successful regional and national policies where context is explored fully so that it will be easy to understand how that success was built and could be built in your own situations.

So, it you wish to take part, please email, join us through the eTwinning website (direct link to my profile here) or fill in the contact form below.

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